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Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

Tatt Away Body Solutions - Laser Tattoo Removal at Birkdale

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Tony and Simone are the Husband and Wife owner operators of Tatt Away Body Solutions at Birkdale Place.

Our Redlands Tattoo Removal Studio

We are situated in the beautiful Redlands so we are able to service all the Bayside suburbs including Birkdale, Alexandra Hills, Capalaba, Cleveland, Wellington Point, Ormiston, Thornlands, Thorneside, Victoria Point, Redland Bay, Sheldon, Mt Cotton, Stradbroke Island and we are only a ten minute car ride from the Wynnum and Manly areas.

We have lived in the Redlands area for over 12 years and our children have attended Redlands Schools.  Before that we lived in Wynnum and one of our children currently goes to a Wynnum School.

Laser Tattoo Removal Specialists

At Tatt Away Body Solutions we specialize in Laser Tattoo Removal to remove any Tattoos that you may regret from your youth. We can also partially remove a Tattoo so you are able to have that area reworked as you may have outgrown the Tattoo design you thought was a good idea at the time and get another Tattoo that currently suits your lifestyle or personality.

One lady who was in her 20s had a Tattoo on her lower Abdomen in large letters "Dinner is Served". Thirty years later she was a Grandmother and desperately wanted it removed. Source CNN
Laser Tattoo Removal is fast becoming necessary as some Employers are baulking at hiring people with face, neck, hand or any other visible tattoos. Some nightclubs also refuse entry to those people displaying any visible Tattoos.

Tattoos used to be permanent, but now with laser tattoo removal, a growing number of people with Tattoo Ink can go back to their natural skin.

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Nationally Accredited Laser Tattoo Removal Technicians

We are both Nationally accredited Laser Technicians having received distinctions in our Certificate of Competency in Laser Tattoo Removal. 

This includes Maintain Health Control Standards, First Aid Course, Skin Biology, Wound Integrity, Laser Safety, Tattoo Removal Procedure and Laser Safety Officer training Course Endorsed by the Australian College of Nursing and approved by Queensland Health.

We now hold our 'possession licence' and 'use licence' issued by Radiation Queensland. We are currently operating a class 4 laser machine.

This training along with their attention to detail will ensure every visit is handled professionally and safely to ensure the desired results are reached. We will not hand you over to an inexperienced apprentice!

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